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Dermal Fillers

Treatment Prices(s)
Lip filler up to 1ml
Lip Filler £180
Juvederm Lip Filler £220
Cheeks/Chin/Jaw Filler up to 1ml £200 each
Cheeks/Chin/Jaw Filler Package up to 3ml £540
Nasolabial Fold £270
Tear Trough Eyes £270
Wrinkles Filler 0.5ml £160
Wrinkles Filler 1ml £230
Liquid Rhinoplasty £300
Filler Dissolving From: £150
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Type Time Price
Express 25 - 30min £65
Regular 45min £75
Luxury 1h £110
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Treatment Price
1 Session £90
2 Sessions £160
3 Sessions £210
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Skin Boosters

Treatment Price
Face/Neck/Décolleté/Hands/Eyes - 1 Session
Seventy Hyal/Jalupro £200
Profhilo £220
Nucleofill £250
Face/Neck/Décolleté/Hands/Eyes - 3 Sessions
Seventy Hyal/Jalupro £540
Profhilo £600
Nucleofill £690
Belly/Knees/Elbows/Bum - 1 Session
Seventy Hyal/Jalupro £350
Profhilo £370
Nucleofill £400
Belly/Knees/Elbows/Bum - 3 Sessions
Seventy Hyal/Jalupro £990
Profhilo £1050
Nucleofill £1140
LUMI Eyes - 1 Session £100
LUMI Eyes - 3 Sessions £280
*3 Sessions Are Recommended to Achieve Best Results
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Skin Peels

Treatment Price(s)
Pure peel - Antiseptic, Anti Inflammatory £70
Glow peel - Depigmentation £70
Refresh peel - Anti Aging £70
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Botulinum Toxin

Treatment Price
Botox (Female) - 1 Area £180
Botox (Female) - 3 Areas £220
Botox (Male) - 1 Area £220
Botox (Male) - 3 Areas £260
Masseter Muscle Treatment £360
Teeth Grinding Treatment £360
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Treatment £450
Lip Flip £130
Eyebrows Lift £180
Bunny Lines £160
Gummy Smile £160
Mouth Corners Elevation £160
Platysmal Neck Bands £200
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Fat Dissolving Injections (Aqualyx)

Treatment Prices(s)
Small area from £70 per session
Large area from £150 per session
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Treatment Prices(s)
0.5ml £215
1.0ml £225
2.0ml £425
3.0ml £575
4.0ml £725
5.0ml £825
pdo thread treatments Bicester


Treatment Prices(s)
10 threads £100
20 threads £200
30 threads £300
Additional threads can be added during appointment
Price per individual thread is £10
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Treatment Prices(s)
Vampire Face Lift £270
Hair Treatment £285
Targeted Plasma Treatment £275

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